Schaumburg area LFS??????


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Hi Fellow-Reefers,

I'll be in the Schaumburg area this weekend and wondered if there are any nice LFS I could check out? I'll be driving up from Hammond, IN, from I 80/94.

Are there any places worth visiting that aren't too far off the beaten path?

I greatly appreciate any recommendations.

You can hit up Beyond the Reef (they have eagles eye zoos $19 a polyps, thats right $19 a polyps), Advanced Aquatics, and Coral Paradise in Arlington Hieghts. They are all about 10 mins from each other. If you can Saturday is Sea Schors Grand Opening also, you could have a real fun day.
Thanks for all the tips everyone!

I only wish I had time to make the CMAS meeting - I'd love to meet some more fellow reef-keepers. Unfortunately this is a tightly scheduled trip and getting to a LFS or two is even pushing it! BUT I MUST!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!

THanks again!