Seabae Anenome upside down 3 days after feeding


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Hello everyone,

My seabae ananeome (unbleached) which was very healthy and had been in a tank for years (I acquired a full established setup months ago) is upside down this morning - fully inflated, certainly alive. I tried flipping it the other way and it flipped itself back again.

170 red sea reefer. All parameters are perfect - 1.025, 24.9 c, undetectable levels of ammonia and nitrates. All corals, fish, etc are very happy.

The only thing I can think about is I've often fed the tank smaller frozen food from cubes. However, 3 days ago I purchased frozen squid and fed all the anenomes slivers of aprox 0.5" x 0.75-1"

From the reading I've done, it seems like it maybe trying to regurgitate the food?

I was going to leave town for a few days this morning. I am currently delaying until I figure this out as I don't want to risk nuking the tank as I'm gone. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated!
Thank you

Have you made any changes such as lighting, salt mix, water flow, etc? It could be something as simple as a minor change and the anemone is just relocating.
Is that it's foot or has it extended it's stomach out it's mouth. They do that sometimes. I don't think anyone knows why.