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Hi all,

I am converting my 56 gallon pillar tank into a seahorse tank. I will be putting 2 pairs of black tank bred, tank raised Erectus. I have some Macro in there now, Green Grape Caulerpa, Feather Caulerpa, and some Red Macro... it's not easy getting Macros in Canada so that will be a work in progress.

I have live sand in there and one huge rock (at least 30-40 pounds) and some Barnacle. The tank is just settling now from the additional sand I put in there. I have a canister filter with live rock and media in there (no foam) but no protein skimmer on there yet. I also have a little kenya tree in there for now that can easily go back in my reef.

All advice is greatly appreciated (rayjay I read your article and the links on it :) Plus I watched this which really helped hehe.

I am thinking of putting a T8 50/50 on the tank (the tank came with a T8 ballast) Since I won't be putting in much corals I think it will be ok for the Macroalgae. I do want some color in there and I was thinking of maybe putting multiple zoas on my big rock to make it more colorful or the purple coral I have below that look like little flowers, does anyone know what it is?

Here is my setup... like I said it's on it's own Canister Filter... were not sharing sumps here



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Hi and welcome! Everything looks great so far! That tank has some really nice dimensions for a seahorse tank.

The kenya tree should be just fine in that tank. Its harmless to the seahorses and is ok in lower light. That blue/purple coral looks like blue cloves or maybe some type of daisy coral. Should be something that will work well with the seahorses and in lower light and it will add a nice pop of color in your tank. I also love the idea of a rock of mixed zoanthids for color!

I really don't think that T8 will be enough light on a tank this large/deep. A lot of macro algaes actually do much better is high light, and zoanthids definitely need higher light to grow well and maintain their bright colors. I don't think you need anything super bright, but something that puts out more light than a T8 would probably be much better for you.

You have a great looking reef tank!

Oh, and I love those True Facts videos. The seahorse one is just too funny! :)


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thanks for laugh that vid was just great!!
I would have to agree they look like cloves to me too. just me mind full I hear they spread like GSP and can over run a tank pretty fast but even if they do would be nice color for ya...

keep us posed on progress!


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+1 on the bulb, 2-4 t5's should be good for those low light corals while keeping the tank cool. I had a 2 bulb aquaticlife link fixture with high quality ati or geisman bulbs that let me grow gsp and some zoas in a 4' 55gal tank.

also check out the ATB automatic seahorse feeder. just saw an ad for it on another site.


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Oh, and I love those True Facts videos. The seahorse one is just too funny! :)[/QUOTE]

LOL...I agree....but who says "seahorze" like that anyway????:crazy1:


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This isn't happening, the first seahorses died as soon as I got them and then it got too cold here in Canada to ship them. The tank is still empty.... I'm thinking a Commersoni Anger Fish :) Hopefully going to find one in January from my LFS, he is checking his lists :)


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Where did you get your first seahorses from?
It is NOT to cold to ship if the shipper knows how to pack them properly.


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From Raging Reef, all I know is that the small zoa bags were freezing but they also said that they ran out of oxygen in their tanks the very next morning so they don't think that the horses got oxygen... I don't know..


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Experienced shippers would have made sure of enough oxygen, and, would have made sure the insulation and heat packs were sufficient to prevent temperature from dropping too low.
It may incur extra shipping costs but with proper insulation and heat packs, the overnight shipping can still be done.
I can understand however that they wouldn't want to spend the extra to go to that extreme in the recent freeze we've had here in North America.


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live aquaria and reefs2go have some good practice for shipping. ordered fish from both and have gotten them both good. Don't get discourage on the seahorse. I have had my tank up and running for about 3 months before I was able to get my wife a pair of seahorse. I just put a couple of pajama in the tank while we are waiting for the seahorse she wanted. Just a note, might want to look at that power head, a seahorse can get sucked in that and die. saw one of ours got drawn to our pump, lucky I saw it happening and turn the pump off.