Sebae anemone and fire shrimp


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Hi, I've just got a sebae anemone, he seems to be adjusting ok, except for one thing - there is always a fire shrimp hanging out right next to him. I am not sure but it looks like he keeps picking on the anemones tentacles, is there anything i can do, i chased him away but he keeps coming back. Should I be worried and is there anything I can do, the other thing is I fed it some krill and the shrimp stole a small piece out of his tentacles. Also it looked like the anemone was stinging the clowns a little hard b/c they looked like they were initially shocked everytime they touched him, but after feeding there was no problems. So 2 part question: should I be worried about the fire shrimp clipping on it, and (2) should I be worried about the clowns or is it normal?
once the clowns get more used to the anemone, they'll chase off the shrimp.

that said, as long as the anemone is big enough for two clowns, and can take some picking on by a shrimp. but I'm wondering why the shrimp is picking on the anemone??? are you sure theres nothing wrong with it?
I looked at the base very carefully and there was no damage, and it's tentacles are a little swolen but it ate the krill I gave it and it moved in my tank and is attached to a rock very very solidly impossibly to move . So sounds ok right? the tentacles swolen is just it telling me it's hungry right?
don't over feed it-tentacles swollen up is GOOD I believe- we do have a clownfish/anemone forum down a few-they'd beable to answer your questions better than I!!!!

oh, but yes, the anemone will sting the clowns at first-they'll get used to it, mucous or something... I dunno the particulars, but I know that usually thats normal. usuallyu, because sometimes the anemone WILL eat its clowns..
i posted this on the anemone forum and got no response... oh and it's ok that my clowns are not in it all day? they are all over the anemone at night but during the day they hang out in the fron of my tank
I have a fire shrimp and cleaner shrimp and both hang out near anemones. I have 4 anemones, two split, and both my shrimp will hang out near the anemones because they know it is an easy place to pick up free food. If I feed the anemones or if my clowns drag some food over to them the shrimp will get in there and steal any food that they get. I have to feed my shrimp, which now climb up on my hand, before I can feed the anemones.

As with the clowns, imo, I think that it just takes time for the clowns to get used to the anemone. I thought the same thing at first with my two true percs because the clowns would get in the anemone and then run back to my fuzzy mushrooms(the substitue anemone) they did eventually started spending more and more time in there and now they stay in my red bubble most of the time. So I say just give them time.
My cleaner shrimps used to bully my bubble anenome. Swanwillow is right in saying your clowns should chase it off. what species of clowns do you have?

My clown ended up injuring my shrimp, which was a pain as it took a ridiculous amount of time (and money) to get him back to full health!