Selling it all


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Regret to sell my tank that I have recently setup....but hard times call on harsh things!

60g Acrylic Tank, stand, canopy, and a DIY sump ~20g. Comes with 3-96w PC lights that need to be replaced. Canopy and Stand are Black $160

130# of Live Rock with some extra base rock thrown in (not counted in the weight). $300

Random Ricordea $20 each frag (4 frags)

Random Zoanthids....most posted in my other thread, but I also have Bam Bam's, Fire & Ice, and some others.

Clove Polyp Purple/Blue $35 (little bigger than a golfball covered rock)

2 Ocellarius Clown Fish $30 (Male & Female roles established)

Banggai Cardinal - Aquacultured $20

Misc Clean Up Crew - $15

LARGE Red Discoma Mushroom - $15

Green Polyp Leather - $10

Frogspawn (Baseball sized) $15

Mag Drive 7 - $70 (2-3 months old)

Random Powerheads - $10/each

Or take it all for $700

:sad2: :sad2: :(
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