setting up a new tank


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Hi, I have 2 Blackmore goldfish and 2 mystery snails in a 10 gal tank. Now realizing it is to small I purchased a used 40 gal tank. I set it up almost 4 weeks ago now and still have not transferred anything into it. I cannot get the ammonia down to 0. My Ph 7.6 and ph high 7.8. ammonia is .25, nitrite and nitrate are 0.

the ammonia was at .50 so i did a 90% water change so got it down to .25. the only thing i have in that tank is 2 plants, I bought a new filter which has been running since i set up the tank. I am afraid to add the fish and not sure what to do. Should i put the snails in there first? or find a way to get the ammonia down? So new to this and clueless obviously. Help would be greatly appreciated


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This is actually a marine (salt water) fish forum, and our advice and procedures are toward keeping a saltwater reef tank. Your goldfish and snails are freshwater species, likewise your plant, and would not survive in saltwater. If you are on Facebook, search the word fish and I know of several group discussions that involve certain species. There is probably a group solely on goldfish and their ilk, including koi.