Setup for sale


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I am toying with upgrading to a 150 or bigger so I think with my upcoming move I might just ditch this system and start from Scratch. I am open to offers in trade of a larger tank, but I won't part it out.

75 Reef Ready Tank. Not sure of the make, but it's sturdy, seems thicker and has black plastic for the trim/support. The tank was not drilled, but I had a shop back home drill it and they added a overflow box and some misc plumbing parts. Holds water fine. About 6 months of use and a years worth of sitting on the ground doing no good.

Two Powerheads.

Coral life PC light setup. 2x10k and 2xantic(sp?). Also has four moonlights. Has the mountaing legs as I have it mounted this way. Just replaced all the bulbs last week and have the old bulbs as spare.

Fluval 302 filter.

Homemade stand, never finished the outer layer.

Live rock, never weighed it, but it's about 50-75% store bought reef rock and the rest store bought base rock. All is seeded right now.

Live Sand, about 100lbs I think. I had about two bags, I just don't remember how much the bags were.

one or two (unsure as I only spotted one) camel back shrip, one large snail and one hermit crab. A scallop is in there also and you see him from time to time. The rock has tons of life to it and I have seen tiny tiny starfish here and there.

I also have a fair amount of test kits and other goodies to come with it.

I am looking to get $400 or trade for a larger setup. I am set on the price. If it does not sell I will turn it into a fuge. I do have picuters so email me if you would like some. Located in Denver, but can help with transport to Boulder.
Remember that I have an oak stand and canopy for a 125/135/150 gallon tank for sale. It's beautiful.