David Grigor

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I reef buddy of mine here in Minneaspolis purchased from you on Monday.

It was sent via Airborne instead of normal UPS ( as believe you are trying it out ). Anyway, it actually arrived next day.

I think this is awesome news ( at least from IN to MN standpoint ). Just wanted to pass that along in case he did not mention the good news......

Your efforts to make things better is just one more reason why you get my business....

Thanks for the info. We are getting quite a few good reports on ground shipments being delivered really fast. Even had some from Washington State arrive in a day. There ground seems really nice, even California is 4 days max, and seems to be averaging a couple days. Hopefully will keep up.

There air packages are working so far as well. We'll give them 30 days on the trial and then decide whether to switch completely. Looking good so far!