Should I be worried about a mantis breaking the glass??


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Im trying to find a mantis shrimp for my ten gallon. Hopefully I will end up with a species that gets only a couple inches. Should I be worried about it breaking the tank walls or even the bottom while its burrowing?? I have heard mixed opinions and I dont know if I should be worried or not. Is there a difference between spearers and smashers when it comes to tank-breaking?? :confused:


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No worries on small species of either variety. Spearers have effectively zero risk of breaking glass regardless of size.



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my 7inch peacock has whacked the glass and only taken out a super small almost invisable chip. so i wouldn't worry to much.


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Well, any mantis capable of breaking glass would need a tank bigger than 10 gallon anyway. Stick to the tank recommendations on Dr. Roy's site and you should be fine.