Should I use carbon, or something else?


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Im setting up a 10G nano. It is cycling as we speak. So far I have modded an AC 110 into a HOB fuge, but was wondering if I should use any sort of filter media like Carbon, Purigen, Chemi-Pure, Some sort of phosphate remover etc... I just have enough room in the back to stick an AC 20 for filter media if I want to. What do you guys think?


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Most use chemi-pure in their second chamber. Check out and you will find some very detailed input on how to successfully keep a nano - I have had two in the past and recently tore them down to turn my 75g fowlr into a reef.

Good luck!

Uncle Salty 05

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On a tank that small I would use ANY chemical filtration sparingly.
Maybe only run it for the 48 hours prior to a water change.
Heavy chemical filtration on this small a tank can have unwanted results.