Shrimp compatibility


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I've got two blood red fire shrimp, they're beautiful and doing great, but they don't clean for squat. I've only seem one of them clean a fish once, after my coral beauty swatted it with his tail a few times. I'm considering getting a skunk cleaner shrimp or two, but wanted to ask if those shrimp would be compatible with blood red fire shrimp. I just like to see the interaction of shrimp with fish, I'm not convinced that it really benefits the fish health-wise very much.
My friend has 2 skunks and 2 fire shrimp, all 4 usually hang out in the same area. So, I would say yes, you could keep the shrimp together.

As far as the shrimps cleaning abilities, I've personally had them clean off my hippo and citron goby of some spots. So I would say they do what they are famous for.
blood shrimp are not usually active cleaners they will sometimes clean but since they are light sensitive they are not as active as skunk cleaners. They are compatible mine do not bother each other.
I have two fire shrimp, one coral banded shrimp, and two pepperment shrimp in a 55 gal. everyone stays separated and they are happy.
You will have no problem if you add a skunk cleaner or two. Like everyone said above, they do clean from time to time but no where near the cleaning level of a skunk.