Silencing the flow


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Thanks for the three great articles on sumps.

I'm in the process of setting up a fifty gal tank

My local lfs setup a over flow similar to designs in your article.

with a 1 1/2 in pipe So the noise level is low.

My question is

What is the best way to reduce the sound of water & air entering the sump?

I'm glad you enjoyed the articles. :)

Here's a hint. When soundproofing plumbing, remember that the water usually isn't the problem. It's the air in the water. Water flowing through a pipe at high velocity doesn't hardly make a sound, until you add some air bubbles. Then it gets loud quick.

It's the contact between the water and air that causes your problem. Even when you consider dumping water into a pool of water, the "splash" you hear is because of the surface tension of the water being broken. If you can prevent that from happening you will reduce the noise.

So, short story is that you want to prevent long falls into the sump (by not letting the water drop straight down into the sump. Angle it as much as possible). This can also be done by putting the drain pipe below the surface of the sump water.

Reducing the amount of bubbles in the drain is another good way to reduce noise levels.

PS> That's a short version of one of the topics of the next article. Not sure when I'll have time to finish it. :(
Thanks for the info.

Looking forward to the next artilcle.

Have made some mod as suggested

IT"S quieter now

One more question

Do you have an opinion on which

submersible pump is the quietest

i.e. mag7 quiet one

thanks again
No, I don't have a lot of varied experience with submersible pumps in my own tanks (where I would have the chance to really notice the noise). I have a mag 7 and it seems pretty quite, but I don't use it as a return so I can't really speculate on that.

I'm new to these types of pumps

I've tried out two mag 7

the first one I thought was loud

My local lfs ( great guys)

said some of the mag 7 can be loud

so they gave me another

IT'S louder

now waiting for a quiet one 3000 to

come in to try it

let you know

thanks again