Simu-moon L capability ?


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Is it possible to run normal dimming with my two Simu-Moon sticks, then switch them over to run in moon simulation mode?
Right now, I've got one plugged into the L3/L4 port and one plugged into the L5/L6 port.
Can I run normal dimming on one channel, then run the moon simulation on the other (i.e. normal dimming on L3/Moon simulation on L4)?

I'm just unclear on how to set these up correctly and the their overall capabilities. I have read the manual, but clearly I'm still very confused. :confused:


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if you set up moon simu mode these settings will react with the settings you have for the moon stick.

Hope that makes sense


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After reading the instructions, I think I understand, but let me run this by you to see if it makes sense . . .

I can run the moon stick on automatic dimming via one of the 8 Illumination channels (D1-D8); meaning I can give it a preset brightness to run for a specific time (including the duration).
However, I set the specific Illumination channel(s) to run at a chosen brightness (let's say 50%) during the time I want the moon simulation to run. During the set simulation times, the controller runs it's internal calculations to simulate the lunar cycle (the brightest the moon simulation will be is 50% brightness, if at "half-moon" the brightness will only be at 25% total) . . . Please correct me if I'm mistaken.