Size of mantis?


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I've lost quite fishes recently. They were all eating and looking fine... and then suddenly I found them dead... or they just disappered.

I've suspekted a mantis all the time... I hear clicking noises from the tank, especially at the evening/night.

I've tried a trap and I even broke down everything and search every rock... used a screwdriver into every hole of the rock.
I dipped rock with lots of holes in fresh water as well... and found nothing!

The strange thing is which fishes that die. It's always the biggest fish in tank. So far I've lost
1 C. Ferrugatus 3-4 inch
1 C. Argi 2 inch
1 Lo Vulpinus 7 inch
1 Pygoplites Diacanthus 5-6 inch

I mean the wouldn't the mantis have to be huge to kill that big fishes? And a mantis that big should be easy to find?
I'm no exspert but I don't think that a mantis is killing your fish. If it is a mantis however IMO it would have to be large and most likely a spearer.