skey's 90 g adventure


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okay, this is the first post on something ive been wheeling around in my head for a few months/years now. i have the 90g aga and the 44.8mm diamond drill bit from Now only to start hacking and whacking my way to creating my very own reef tank! (not my first time... just my first time this complex)

my goals on this project are (dunh du dun du..) :

Phase 1 to be installed asap

(2) phase 2 will be completed after august 2007 (tank will hopefully have been running 3-4mnths)

Plumbing and Circulation

1” overflow outlet(s) for sump

1 external pump rated for *pressurized applications (600 gph @4 ft head) IW-MD40 RLT or larger? (*to run eductors) this will increase in tank circulation to 5 x the actual pump rate at the head (apx 500x5=2500gph) this will make for a system turnover (in tank) of apx. 28x per hour (in theory)

might need the good ole maxi mods too :( don't want "stuff" in tank except the good stuff


(2) Calcium reactor

ATO from JBJ or reefmaster for top-off from 5 gallon bucket $100


20g (Rubbermaid) sump 29 g (aga) remote refuge/natural filtration area
*custom baffle system made from other Rubbermaid “sumps”
*29 g refuge to be low flow, fed from main tank, and plumbed to overflow into main sump via gravity (reverse daylight light schedule of course)

(2) Aqua-C ev 120 w/mag 7 in sump

Cured DIY aragocrete 70-80lbs display

Cured (old system) Fiji/Haiti rocks 60lbs in refuge w/egg crate/pvc system separating filtration zones (light, size of particles, and flow zones)

.5” layer of reef sand in main display for looks and sand sifting/loving fish and inverts (rainford goby, riccordia, fungia, etc.)


Homecrafted hood
*built-in 2x3in IC fans for bulb and evaporative cooling

(2) 1x250w HQI metal halide 10k Ushio retrofit w/e-ballast (run for 3h/day) to create spot effect on one side of reef and provide higher lighting zones

4x54w t5 HO IC retrofit 2 actinic +, 10k (ish) bulb, daylight (run for 10h/day)
(2)daylight bulb will be replaced w/pure actinic bulb

okay... hold tight im gonna draw this sytem out architecture style (i like to draft when its for me, don't have to be perfect (no grades except from girlfriend))!

plumbing diagrams will come in the next few days

my thoughts that i have questions about before i start drawing are will a 1" bulkhead drilled in the back of the tank with an immediate 90d turn down in it run 2-300gph? im thinking just putting 3 1" bulkheads high in the tank, and evenly spaced for surface skimming and propper flow amounts, w/2 going to the sump skimmer area and 1 going into the refugium. What would be the benefits of constructing 3 overflow boxes and running them like that? then where would i drill my holes and how big would my overflow boxes need to be?

I want to do this right and am looking for previous experiences of others to learn from instead of just making the same mistakes everyone makes. Im open to suggestions and don't wanna drill until i have a plan. Thanks in advance and i will try to post pics of all phases from the plan and drawings i do (the one's i think are important or interesting) to the construction of the hood, retrofitted lighting, installation of overflows, pipes etc., to a hopefully well crafted finished project whew.... man this is gonna take a lot and i'm gonna need some help from you guys.