Skimmer and Wavemaker for TMC Signature


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Hi! This is my first message. I have a reef aquarium since 5 months ago. It is a nano reef of 64 liters (about 15 US gallons) and now I am mounting a TMC Signature of 120 liters (30g) with sump (about 40g in total).

I have some doubts about the skimmer and circulation pump.

-Skimmer: the kit comes with a TMC V2Skim 400. I think I need a better one because I like aquariums with a lot of fish. I have seen Deltec SC1350 and then the Bubble Magus. Will it be Deltec too much for 30-40g?
BM have better prices, what would be the appropriate?

-Pump: the pump for the sump will be a Eheim Compact 2000, and I want only one wavemaker pump. I have elected Jebao, but I dont know if WP25 will be too much for my aquarium. What do you think? I like WP10 because it is very small.

Sorry for my english, I'm practicing


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Well, I will buy a Deltec SC1350.

But I have trouble deciding if I should buy a WP10 or WP25. I have only soft corals and LPS (caulastrea and euphylia) and I dont like so much SPS. What do you think? Maybe a WP25 with a voltage regulator? Where can I buy it?

Also I have a Valentini puffer. I dont know if too flow can be bad for it.