Skimmer for 180


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Ok, i know there are hundreds of post on this subject. Ive tried to search and there is so much!!

anyway, i'm setting up a 180, might end up with a heavy bio load, atleast i want a skimmer that can handle it, just in case.

500$ give or take,



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The Diablo series are good skimmers but their Sicce pumps are not nearly as quiet or efficient as the SRO series Bubble Blaster.


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I just purchased a Bubble Magus CS-180(HERO) a few month's ago, and am very impressed with it. It has a Sicce PSK1000 pump, and is very quiet. For $300 I don't see how you could go wrong. I have a mixed reef 180 w/40 gal sump, and run bio-pellets, so my load is on the high side.


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I use an SRO 3000INT on my 175 and have had great success. I have a heavy bio load and feed alot as well. The Non XP model can be found for right around $500 new online


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The bubble blaster pump is a better pump then the Sicce. Most of the price difference of a skimmer in this price range is in the pump.


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I run a skimz on my 150 (200total) and it is awsome. I believe it is a 161 e series. After switching from an etss800 it stripped every bit of alge and has kept it that way for a year now under 2 400w halides. I have 8 3-4in anthias 2 same size clowns 2 6in zebra bar gobies 1bluefin angle 2 mandarins and a 2.5in sixline fed all day multiple times probably avg of 4-6 times per day as well as phyto etc. I would definitely recommend. Also in your price range.


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BM or RO, 300 or 500? are there any benefits with the RO, i mean does it work better?

I think the BB pumps are a bit better than the Sicce, but the Sicce is a good pump, and RO must have some faith in them since the use them on their "Diablo" series of skimmers. If I was going to spend the $500 on a skimmer, and had enough head room in my cabinet for it, I probably would have purchased one of the new RO Open Volute skimmers. I don't think you can go wrong with either skimmer, it's just a matter of economics.


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The RO Open Volute skimmers are good, for a fish only tank IMHO.

But if you are going to run a biopellet reactor, or inject ozone, there is no way to directly inject the effluent of the biopellet reactor or ozone into the skimmer. That is a major flaw with that skimmer since it pulls water from the bottom of the base.

I would go with a SRO 3000, or the new Aquamaxx EM200. The Aquamxx is rated to 240g, and has a small footprint.