Skimmer goes nuts when dosing

I know I might have the wrong forum but I have asked this question in the equipment forum and have not recieved any answers.
Every time I dose amino acids or do a water change my MR1 skimmer goes crazy, basicly it pumps water out of the collection cup so fast I have to shut it down for 24 hours. Is there a explanation for this?


PS I am use Tropic Marin salt.

Randy Holmes-Farley

Reef Chemist
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Something in that supplement is probably a surfactant , which is a soap like molecule. It greatly enhances the foaming properties and causes the problem. Not much you can do except shut off the skimmer for a while when using it, or stop using it.
Thanks Randy.
I have no problem stopping the amino's but I get the same reaction from the skimmer when I do a 15 gal water change (100 gal tank). If I adjust the skimmer at this point sooner or later it will go back to normal and not skim at all.

Once again Thanks