Small/cheap generator to run 24g reef during a power outage


New member
Not sure what the exact total power consumption is for my tank, but I am looking for a small and fairly cheap generator to run my 24g reef.

I am going to guess that most power is used by my Kessil A360x and AI Nero 3. In addition, I need to run an Aquatop skimmer, heater and return pump.

For those of you with nano tanks, what do you use?

It looks like the cheapest one at Home Depot is 4,000 watts. I think that would be plenty for your tank.

FWIW, years ago we had a really bad ice storm in my area and we were without power for several days. I had a 15,000 watt generator and was able to run my 450 gallon tank, the furnace motor & fan, the oven, lights, computer and televisions.