Small LED for 10g QT/OT?


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My tank is going to be in the spot where nothing needs to enter with QT or OT. I have a couple 10g QT tanks and want a LED that is sufficient for corals (frags mostly) before they go in my DT. Don't want to fry them or cook the water, just something to get by with for a few weeks.



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I was considering that, as I have A360we on the DT and it seems natural to OT them in similar lighting.

1) the gooseneck light is not out yet.
2) would like something cheaper.

Guess I will just suck it up and wait and pay.


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The PAR 38 LED bulbs would be a good fit. They come in different wattages and are inexpensive. I ran a 54W over my 30G frag tank and it was great.