Small maxima with PMD


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I have a maxima clam which I've had around 3 weeks now and I've noticed it has a pinched mantle at one end.

After reading the sticky I decided to try a fresh water bath. I used Rodi water, matched the temp and put an air stone in for a few hours then added the clam for exactly 30mins.

I added my clam back to the original tank in a different location. There is no other clams in the tank.

Clam did ok, and next morning is open, but same area still pinched will a little stringy sercreation Around the infected area of the mantle.

How long do I wait to see if the treatment has been affective?

It is only a young clam and only around 2".

This picture was taken before treatment.




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Wait a few days and see if he improved.
The reason why I recommended place the clam far away from it's previous location is to keep any parasite that my be around the previous location to attach back on the clam.