Snail ID


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I got this giant from my LFS for .99 cents today couldnt pass it up.
they didnt know what it was so (.99 cents).

the turbos are big the one riding the power sweep is jumbo




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that is a zebra turbo snail, and a nice sized one at that. I had one that was given to me that was around 3 years old. it recently died :(


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I had a couple of them the biggest one I had was larger than a golf ball. Make sure they don't get stuck in a overflow hole or closed loop.. will cause a flood.


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Mine did get stuck in the standpipe of the overflow on New Year's morning, the tank overflowed and I had a heck of a time getting it out of the pipe. Needless to say he is now in the fuge!


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This one the about the size of a large lemon. About 6" around.
It would not fit in the U-tube. But I will keep an eye on it needless to say. :hmm6: