Snails in Stream at Night


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Hi Roger,

I've had my 6100 streams and 7094 controller for at least a year or more but over the last two weeks snails are getting into one of the streams at night. My controller settings:

Interval is in the center postion
Mode is in the center position
the knob on the top left corner referred to in the manual as 1 (pulse?) is at approximately 3:00 pm
Pumps are plugged into 8 & 10

Max setting is about 80% and lowest setting is about 30-40%.

The right side stream cuts off at night. I don't want either stream to shut off at night (or at all). In the last couple of weeks at least 3 times the stream won't start (makes a screeching noise when the main halides come on) and I've had to remove snails. One time the stream started on it's own after beeping intermittently and shot the snail straight out almost into the front glass

I didn't deliberately change any setting, but the fact that I've never noticed that the one stream shuts off at night and the fact that I've never had to remove snails until the last couple of weeks would seem to say that something has changed.

What should I can change so that neither stream shuts off completely but only slow down to the minimum setting at night?

Thanks for any suggestions!
Well - the one stream on the rigth is still shutting off at night.

Here are not so great pics of the settings to make sure I'm doing what I should be.

Side of the controller

Controller showing streams/photo cell positions

Top of controller - don't think you can see but top left buttom (pulse) is at approx 9:00 am.

Top knobs are at approx 80% & bottom knobs are at approx 30%

The only thing I changed from my original post was the pulse knob setting (from 3:00 pm setting to 9:00 am setting) and I lowered 4&6 b setting to 30%.

What am I doing wrong?
That would be what's showing in the first pic. The switch showing in that pic (left side one) is in the center position. Only left, center and right are possible - correct?
Yes, if it is switching off at night something is wrong, it is possible the switch is broken or their is a bad connection, I would check everything but the 7094 is obsolete and their are real limits to what can be done to fix it, I may have a switch in stock.
Obsolete? I don't like that word. If you look it up in the dictionary - it means "money" :-(

Let me know if you happen to have the switch.

Thanks again.....
It was replaced by 7095 in fall of 2004, production of the 7094 stopped in the late spring of that year, I have one spare switch and 2 boards that have some sort of problem but I don't recall what was wrong with them, it could have been very minor, like a 30 second foodtimer instead of a few minutes.
That wouldn't be a problem - I never use the food timer.

I'll PM you and get details/what I need to do.
Hi Roger,

Well - I decided to get the 7095 controller rather than have the 7094 repaired. Swapped out the 7094 for the 7095 in the early am while the main lights were out and the same pump still would not come on. Made no sense to me. How could this be? Turned on the main lights and the pump came on??? I traced out the plug only to find that somehow at some time the pump got plugged into the same outlet as the last light that goes out :mad: Naturally that would make the pump shut off at night. There is nothing wrong with the 7094 controller!!

The 7095 came in very handy if for no other reason than to help figure out that there was nothing wrong with the 7094

I really like the 7095 and I'm thinking about keeping it - but there's one thing that I can't figure out.

When the 7095 is connected to both pumps (6100's), when the pumps slow down to 30% one especially tends to bounce/vibrate, make a click-clacking type sound and there is an occasional beeping from the transformer (?). I'm using Interval 2 because I don't want the pumps to totally shut down.

Doesn't matter if I move the pump from 1.1 to 1.2 or the one one 2.1 to 2.2 nor does it matter if I switch the pumps and put the one on 1.1 to 2.1 and the one on 2.1 to 1.1. The pumps (more one than the other) still bounce/vibrate and make a clacking noise and there is still the occasional beep like the pumps are slowing down so much that the transformer thinks it stopping.

Any ideas? As usual - thanks for your help!
This was a difference between older Streams and newer Streams. The old multicontoller ran more like at about 35-40%, the new one can go to 25-30% and this low speed causes an alarm on older pumps. Turning up the speed very slightly is one solution, the new 6100.70 drive units would likely also fix it since the brakes are non existant and can't drag at low speeds.