So, I have made a bit of a mess.(Alkalinity)


Where's The Reef?
I have a bit of a problem, my old Red Sea Alkalinity test kit read 8, so I dosed accordingly to keep it at 8, well I ran out and got a newer Red Sea Alkalinity Pro test kit, and it's reading 12.6!I don't know if I bought a faulty new test kit, or if my old one is faulty?Its not like my SPS are dying, they are in fact growing good, and have great color!I just need to know what I need to do, do I just not dose and let it fall till its 8-9dKH?Or...what?I know whatever that I do needs to make the Alkalinty fall slowly.So far it's dropped about 1dKH since I tested Saturday, to 11dKH.

Any advice is very appreciated!



In Memoriam
12 ish is not imminently bad I vote let it drop naturally. mine hits 12 ish when I dose big. a decent water change using water with normal mixtures can bring it down too I know you knew that