Solana VS Red Sea Max


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Hi, I am looking to buy a small, compact all-in-one tank for my room. So far I think the best options are the Red Sea MAX 130D, and the
Solana 34 Gallon Aquarium w/ 6x18W Nova Extreme Pro T5H. They cost about the same and they both seem to have about the same equipment with some differences. I've been leaning towards the Solana cause is open-top, and it can get really hot here in Miami. Before I had a chiller in my 220G, the temperature would go up to 85. I dont want to have to get another chiller, but I like the Red Sea's lights and power center. What I need is some opinions and advices about which tank to get and why.



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I have a solana, one thing to keep in mind is that solana is glass and the RSM is acrylic if im not mistaken.

give me a holler when you're getting ready to get one im in miramar and can get you a good deal in one.


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I have had both tanks you are looking into.

Both tanks are glass, the Solana tanks now come with Starphire glass for better clarity.

With the closed hood the Red Sea Max does get pretty hot in the summer months. If you keep the closed hood on the tank you will most likely need a chiller to keep the temp down.

On the Solana I installed an Azoo 2 fan unit on the back of the tank, with the fan on heat was never a problem for me.

Skimmers on both setups are pretty awful; you will need to think about upgrading.

The Red Sea Max does look much more appealing, and the stand is rock solid. I felt that the Solana stand was just O.K

If I were to buy another tank I would go with the Red Sea Max. You will need the chiller, but in the end it is a much nicer looking setup.

Good luck with your decision.


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I'd say Solana also, but it appears most people use it only for the glass and chambers and replace all the other equipement in there.

If you can get it in starfire that would be the best route!