Questions about buying a used Red Sea Max 130D


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Hello, new to Reef Keeping and before I "jump in" I need some advice. I have been watching a Red Sea Max 130 D on ebay for a while. I have 15 years plus experience with fresh water, And I had a small 45 gallon FOWLER a while ago. I am looking a smaller volume tanks because of the size of my apartment. Is the red sea max a good purchase?? The guy on ebay says it was over 1K when it was new? How is that? It came out years ago? Anyway, don't want to borrow a car and drive 40 minutes if its not worth it. It's going for $699, and he says it was barley used. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
I would not buy a RedSea aquarium there has been way to many failures.

They recently updated their aquariums from what i understand but who knows if they are better yet. Time will tell there.
Thanks, Any other Insight on the Red Sea Max 130D? I mean a few more opinions is what is was hoping for. Thanks in advance.
I’m personally not a fan of Red Sea based on reports of system seam leaks/bursts, however not sure how that affects their all in ones as from what I can recall, it’s their G1 rimless tanks with the floating glass fronts. The 130D, if I’m looking at the right thing, appear to be an AIO system similar to BioCube. I can’t say have seen bad reviews on that style of system. I would encourage you to research the Red Sea system you want to see if any leak issues apply. Hope this helps!