SOLD ** FS: NEVER USED Custom Reef Aquarium - approx 280 gal, external overflow, still in crate! ** SOLD



I ordered this aquarium a number of years ago because I had a dream of creating a beautiful reef system. I now realize that will never happen.

The attached photos and engineering drawings were provided by the manufacturer (Miracles in Glass) prior to shipping it to me. One of the drawings is a front-to-back view, the other is top-down. The tank is still in its crate, which will probably make transportation much easier/safer. The crate top is removable for inspection.

This tank is 72-5/8" x 30-3/4" x 31-3/8" (external dimensions), plus it has an external overflow which protrudes about 5-1/2" from the back. The bottom and back are 3/4" tempered glass, the front and sides are 5/8" standard glass. It has a frame around the bottom and 3/4" euro-bracing at the top. The overflow is drilled for a "Bean Animal" system (3 holes sized for 1-1/2" pipe). There are six holes drilled in the bottom (I had planned on closed-loop circulation) which could easily be sealed over if you're not going that route. Five of these are sized for 1-1/2" pipe and the sixth for 2". There are two holes on the back, sized for 2" pipe. All of the holes are sized for high quality, heavy-duty Sch 80 bulkheads. I believe I could probably provide most, if not all, of the bulkheads that would be needed for this tank at a very reasonable cost. See the engineering drawings for more details on all of this.

As you may be able to tell from the photos, the back of the tank and overflow are covered with black vinyl.

Regarding capacity: Most aquarium manufacturers calculate capacity based on external dimensions. Using that method, this works out to a 303 gallon tank, so you can use that number for bragging rights to your friends! Doing that same calculation, but using internal dimensions we get 272 gallons. Adjusting for a realistic water depth (which will be more for high turnover and less for low turnover due to the effects of the flow rate on the depth of water over the weir), we're probably at a fairly realistic water capacity of 260-265 gallons. Of course some of this will be replaced by rocks, sand, etc. Anyway, I essentially "split the difference" on these numbers to come up with the "280" in the heading but I wanted to be clear.

I also have a custom made wooden stand and canopy which should work with this tank (similar to but probably higher quality than most "fish store" furniture) - negotiable.

I will happily answer any questions for anyone that is seriously interested.

This aquarium cost me almost $4K. Make me an offer. It is sitting on a cart in my garage in Avon Lake, Ohio, and it will be your responsibility to transport.




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