Something on my clam


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Hey guys-
Not sure if this is something to worry about, but I've noticed something on my Squamosa's shell. Doesn't look like what everyone talks about- boaring snails, but I have no idea if I should be worried or not.

Take a look- hard to see in the pic, but those spots are little white spirals about the size of a sharpie marker tip- mayber 3mm across.

I can see 2 or 3 on the clam and none on my maxima. Should I worry?

I have a 6 line wrass that seems to always be on the hunt- if this was trouble, would he take care of it?

Thanks for the help!
It's hard to tell and I'm no expert but they really just look like little sessile snails. If it is they are perfectly harmless. I have a ton of them in my tank, and my clam shells have them too. The picture just isn't quite clear enough to be sure. Have a look around your tank and see if you have the same thing elsewhere - on the rocks, anything plastic, back glass, etc.
Like Flame*Angel says, it hard to tell with that picture. It could also be boring sponges or it could be boring algae.

Have you tried to scrap it off or is it indeed a very small hole or holes. These holes can also be caused by other parasitites as well.