Sps colony receding at base


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Hi guys,

I have a problem with one of my sps colony. Last fri, I noticed a section of it was dead when I came home from being 1 week away. This section can be seen on the top left side of the colony.


Now the base seems to be receding. All other 50+ sps are okay. My tank is a 75g, with 4 6045 nanostreams. Im thinking it might be a flow issue, so I pointed a stream at it. Could it be any other issues that could be causing this? Thanks

Tank parameter:
salinity 1.025 (refractometer)
Alk - 8.3
Ca - 450
Mag 1290


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IME and with pocci like that as well as BOP it seems to grow too dense for the light to get to the base. I see some towards the top of your colony at the overflow though.


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my birdsnest looks the same but that is due to lack of light at the bottom of the BN. Yours might be a stn issue , unless the back of that pocci is not getting light either. Did the color fade over time or just all of a sudden bleach in that area?


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Try pushing some flow down against that overflow, i bet your just not getting enough since it started filling out and shading over.


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Check at night with a flashlight to see if a gorilla crab is going to town on it.Make sure to check sporadically if you see a hairy crab kill it on the spot.