SPS tank only....which light?


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Well guys, I plan on starting an SPS only tank when I get back from the bahamas in 6 weeks. Its going to be a small 20G Long and will be strictly SPS, without fish as well. It will be a 30" tank so im looking for my best option for lighting. I currently run a Current SunDial 30" fixture on my 29G mixed reef and im happy with it but Id like to try something else. Should I go MH? i really dont want to deal with worse evaporation than I already have. Also this will be a sumpless system, as long as I dont have any fish/inverts I shouldnt have any issues running sumpless should I?


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If you are going with SPS perhaps a 70 watt MH system would be best with actinic supplementation. I have a 50 gallon sps tank. This is the third tank I've had that is sumpless. I have either used an aqua c remora pro or coralife super skimmer. Stuff has grown like crazy and is easy to maintain. I flooded two floors using sump models (one was a hardwood floor) and have gone sumpless for 12 years. I've been in the reef hobby since 1986.


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If you want t5's, you could go with a tek fixture over that size tank. Don't use the splash guard add a clip-on fan from azoo and you can keep and sps you want.
That's assuming your tank is no mrs than like 20" deep.