squamosa/maxima placement?


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I recently purchased two 3" clams, a squamosa and a maxima. I'm pretty sure the squamosa would be fine on the sand at the bottom of my aquarium with 2x250 watt hqi over my 75 gallon, but would the maxima be okay that far down long term or need I put it higher up on the rockwork?
FWIW- I have a 75 gallon also


2-175watt AB10k's
2-110watt super actinic v.h.o.'s

I have a squamosa that is getting close to 3 years old now that has been on the sand from the beginning.

I also have a blue maxima that I keep about half way.

Both clams grow very well in theses positions and have never had a problem with either. I do believe that you would be ok with your maxima on the sb if that is where you choose to put it.