sqwd story


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ok it's human nature to complain about poor service. I have 2 sqwd's on my 90 that have failed after a year of service($40-$50 for a wavemeker seems cheap) i got a new one at AZSB but I called and emailed 3iq the maker to see if i could clean/repair etc. they didn;t return my emails or calls, ok i thought no service after the sale and the warranty is 90 days. well one the guys calls and says sorry for problem. i explain i just want some input to clean and he says i am sending you 2 new ones at no charge. huh, i didn' bi*ch or act mad?. i asked can i pay the diff on one and try the 1 in. model. he says i will send that one also at no charge even though i offered to pay the difference. TRULY GREAT service.they are an inexpensive wavemaker that work well in imo and the stands behind their product . i am impressed and will buy a new one every year if they fail. WOW


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I bought the 1" when it first came out. I had problems with it and was given the phone number of 3iq. it sounded like the guy's house. I was basically told that there was nothing wrong with my unit and keep using it and see if it fixes itself.
I'm glad to hear that they started taking care of their customers. I returned mine and won't buy from them again.


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i have seen a thread on taking one apart and fixing it but i dont remember where i saw it google (sCwd repair)alot will come up. spelled sCwd