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New to the hobby. How do I know if the stand that I bought with my 90 gallon tank will support the weight once setup? It's a non reef ready tank, I believe it is was originally designed for fresh water which would weigh significantly less than a reef tank. Should I just build one I know will support it or try to reinforce my current stand? Here are some pictures of the current stand (excuse the mess in garage lol) Thanks!


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If the stand will hold a freshwater setup it will hold a saltwater setup. Saltwater is about 2lbs more per cubic foot, 12.5 cubic feet in a 90 gallon = 25lbs heavier. Live rock will be lighter than rocks used in freshwater tanks so overall I say the weight thing is a wash. Does the stand feel solid or rickety?


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I agree with what @kharmaguru said. I can tell you as well, having experience working at an LFS, those stands were the same whether put under a reef ready tank or a standard tank