star fish and clams?


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are there any types of star fish i should be careful with putting in my tank with clams? how are bristtle stars etc?

don't want to go check the tank one day to find my star fish having a snack.

IN my opinion, none are safe. Consider the cost of a clam, vs. the cost of a starfish or brittle it really worth the gamble?
It'a a bahama star. That was HUGE (10"plus) WC squamosa that was DOA - so I cut out the organs (leaving the "meat") and threw it in my FOLR for the starfish to eat (along with my big ol' Tuskfish).
I currently house 10 clams. 5 maximas,3 sqauamosa, and 2 croceas. I also keep 2 lrge blue linkas, 1 small mottled blue linka, 1 smll red linka, 2 sandsifting stars,1 smll purple linka, and at least 5 brittle stars. this system w/ livestock has been running over a year. I have had zero problems w/ the stars. Most anyting reefsafe can be kept w/ clams. Some people think stars eat clams, but this is rarely the case. Mostly what happens is a clam dies and the stars being expert scavs. are the first there to eat,leading people to think that the star did it.
I keep 2 linkias in my tank and i have 6 clams and the star walk all around and over the clams without harming them at all, they even stay open as the stars go over them.