Starting a 29 Biocube


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Hello all,

I have been keeping a beta fish for four years and am looking to get in to the reef game now that I have a job and house. Just this week a picked a one year old used biocube29 for $100 off craigslist. I guess the people who used it were fancy, because the lady said they used their own filter and lights, so the stock lighting, filter and protein skimmer are all unused.

I am about to order everything else I need to get the tank cycling. Here is what I am planning to buy:

30 pounds dry live rock

Instant Ocean BIO-Spira Water Treatment

20 pounds live sand(black)

API saltwater master test kit

Digital thermometer

I already have an RO/DI water covered. Is there anything else I would need right away to get the biocube cycling? I also was super unsure on the sand....The different colors and kinds. I didn't know how fine, how much or what color to pick.

Thanks for any advice before I pull the trigger and get things started!