Steve Tyree going to MARS


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I saw this posted on the MARS page. Thought some of you would be interested.

MARS April Meeting - Steve Tyree!!!

The hardest working guys and gal in reefkeeping, the MARS board...
Mike, Paul, John, Pete, Karen, Steve, Kevin, Doug & Brian are proud to announce that Steve Tyree will be presenting at the April 18th meeting!!!

Cudos to John Dakan at YourReef for facilitating this event!

The presentation will consist of a rare/LE corals (i.e. eye candy!) slide show with husbandry commentary and Q&A. Steve is going to forward his pre-sales list which we will be publishing shortly. We expect there will be multiple buyers for some of the items. We are going to come up with a way to make that fair. After his presentation Steve will pass out all the pre-sold corals. Steve is making the rounds in southern and northern CA for this event. We're expecting some really exciting offerings.

After that the MARS raffle will start. In addition to our normal chocked full of stuff raffle, we're going to have a special raffle for a complete starfire glass reeftank setup, a $1.2K value. Tickets for this raffle will be $5 each.

We're expecting a sold out crowd at this meeting. Paid MARS members will have priority seating. After that, paid members from all the other clubs in the area will be seated. Finally, the general public will be seated.

On Saturday, 4/19 MARS will be hosting a rare/LE auction. See the thread titled "MARS Rare/LE Auction - 4/19/2008" for event details.