Sump Baffle question

Mr Coffee

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I know you can't use silicone 1 on acrylic but can you use the GE Momentive RTV 108 on acrylic? What about a baffle application on a 30g sump? I am not trying to build a tank like this but I have seen a couple of sumps where people have caulked in the baffles that were made of some sort of plastic. I was wondering if you were going with glass how thick and where did you get it. I don't want to loose a chamber esp a fuge this is going under a 90 so once it is in it will stay there until the tank is drained. So how thick was the glass that you used for your baffles and where did you get it?




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I've used silicone I and acrylic baffles for over 10 years in all of my sumps. I just 3/8" acrylic and homedepot, easy to snap with the tool and the silicone works juuuust fine. No pressure or very little on the baffles, the silicone will hold it in place with no issue. I snap my acrylic with a 1/16 to 1/8 clearance.