Sump/Fuge Questions


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So I'm in the process of redoing the stand and sump for my 75, I wanna get everything ready so when the new stand comes I can just swap it all out. I currently have a 29 gallon with a sump setup Skimmer->Fuge->Return. The only problem I have with this is that my flow through the Fuge is too fast and the baffles are too high to get water flow through the whole thing.

So I think I'm going to go back to Skimmer->Return->Fuge and split the drain to each side and use a 40 breeder. My bubble king needs I believe a 9-11" operating water height so that'll kinda set my baffle height on the skimmer side, but on the fuge side you think 7 or 8" will be ok? Also is anybody running a Fuge with no sand? I like the chaeto and mine seems to grow like a weed but do I need the sand? Seems kinda messy and having to replace it or clean it every so often is kind of a pain too.

Thanks guys!


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The best way to do is is as you described on the second part of the post.... this way you dont have a ton of flow going through the fuge. You dont need the sand persay bc unless you have a large fuge with 4" of sand it wont be doing you much good. But I think its a good home for pods and what not. Then again you could also add some rock for them to live in. Otherwise i think you have a good plan going. I would just try to make the fuge baffle as tall as you possibly can, the more gallons there are in the fuge the better.



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How much flow do you have through the sump?

If you have the extra tank and space it will be a good thing to make the sump bigger. IMO bigger is always better with sumps.

The chaeto in my sump grows like a weed and I have some pretty good flow through it. It seems to like good flow.

If you change the design around and split the drain it will work for you as with many others. Some people like the way you have it now and some like the way you are planning to change it to.
Either way works.

I don't use sand or rock in my refugium. Just acts as a detritus trap.


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I'm running a Mag 9.5 right now for return, with a 1.5" durso, so I think I'm probly around 650-700ish gallons I suppose.

Agreed, the 29 gallon worked well until now, I just need something bigger, and right now I got the BK into the sump but I cant get it back out to clean it. Kinda poses a problem, so the 40 breeder will be nice for the lower outside walls.

See thats why I don't like my sand in my fuge right now. I think all the yuck just settles on top. So here's a new debate then, I planned on putting a filter sock on my skimmer side, if I go BB on the fuge should I put a filter sock on that side too?

Thanks guys!