Supplier of Tridanca clams needed

Shaun Grant

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Hi My name is Shaun Grant I am based in Durban South Africa, I import marine fish and invertebrates to my country, I would like to import Tridacna clams and am looking for a reliable CITES approved supplier.
Your responses are most welcome


Have you checked the Vendor Experience forum and the RC Sponsors page?
I have the Declaration of Importation and Exportation from the Federal Fish and Game Department and all the stuff we have to go through since 9/11 I wouldn't want the hassle. You might try some clams farms in Marshall Islands and Tonga and a few others but that is another story in it's owe.

Good luck.

Just Tonga but I know that he ships to Europe and US only, but I will get a e-mail off to him and if he is interested then I will give him your e-mail address. I know that he isn't interested in shipping less than a minimum of 200 clams at a time.

Cities can give you a list of approved collectors and growers. If you are importing animals right now what kind of problems are you having with you suppliers? More than likely the same suppliers you use are also the ones we use!
I have no real problems with the suppliers and I always use suppliers that are listed with some control body eg. OFI or AKKii and the marine aquarium council my government also insists upon this as the don't want to be involved with any illegal dealings and niether do I.I am using suppliers in Indonesia and Singapore. I will have a look on the Cities web site for approved suppliers