Supplment XM20K's


Floodicus Maximus Flooris
Whats the best T5's to Supplement XM20K's for the best look. I was thinking 2 BLUE + and 2 GEISMANN 03 Actinics. or Maybe just go with 4 Blue+


Acropora Nut
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The blue plus are very bright. I would try three actinic and one blue plus. The actinic will really make corals pop.

Or skip the t-5a and two strips of royal blu LEDs an violate LEDs.

Michigan Mike

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I have an outer orbit and I would put a Fiji purple in there.
Maybe 2 blue plus and 2 Fiji purple ( not 4 everyone ) 3 blue+ & a Fiji may be better
2 blue plus a geisseman actinic and Fiji purple