Swapping tanks out...Please help


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I have a port jackson pup in a 120 right now... I bought a 220... is there a safe way to make the transition to the new tank without hurting the fish or do I just need to set it up and let it sit 6-8 weeks and then put him in? NEED ADVICE. This fish is like a puppy-dog to me so need to do this properly but really want to put the new tank where the old one sits now


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Michael, you need to pose that question in the Fish Only and Aggressive forum, where there may be people who know sharks better than I do. The one thing I know they need is plenty of oxygen and room to move---I'm not sure it's an old wives tale that they breathe by moving, but that would be my first worry. Have you got a fish store that could babysit him for you while your new tank cycles? That would be the ideal situation.

A side note: RC can be incredibly slow and look like it's not responding to your key push. Pushing the Submit key again is what causes the multiple posts. Just wait: it will get it done on the first keypush eventually.