Switching Over


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I think I'm gonna move my 75g to the 125g tomorrow. I have about 65 gallon of newly mixed water in the tank and a new bag of sand. I'm gonna empty the sump and put it underneath the stand. Then put on the overflow box. I'm gonna move the rock and sand over then. After that I'm gonna finish filling the tank/sump. Get the overflow running. Put the couple fish in the tank and then get the final couple touches running. Does this sound good. I really don't want to lose my wrasse in the move, even if its only across the room. Hopefully it goes as smooth as I wrote.


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sounds like a you got a plan, just make sure to acclimate the fish to the new tank, don't just dump them in there, also let the water set in the new tank for a few days and run some sir stones in there for the water to stabilize