T. crispata and feeding


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Great article Bill. My observations on feeding have been similar to yours.

I purchased two of these slugs a month ago to put in my algae "reef". I thought that since I had several varieties of caulerpa, several different hair algaes and cyano bacteria I would have no trouble keeping these beautiful critters.

A month later, my slugs are about 1/4 their original size and seem to spend a lot more time cruising than feeding.

I suspect that they are fairly specific on which algae(s) they consume. Unfortunately, I the one variety of algae I do not have is briopsis.

I have not even observed them eating cyano bacteria. I wish I had easy access to a wider variety of algaes so that I could esperiment to see what these guys really eat.

I have a 250w iwasaki + attinics on the right 1/3 of the tank, and no with whatever incidental light from the MH over the rest of the tank.

The tank is in a south facing room about 15 feet from the windo and gets some supplemental light that way, though no direct sunlight.

That should be enough light if they depended heavily on photosynthesis. I think that it is lack of a proper diet that is the problem.