T. Derasa.


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Today while at the LFS i was wondering through all the tanks and in one of the big tanks on a shelf they had T. Derasa clams(5 in a row). They were about 2 maybe 3 inches, and a white/tan,colored pattern. Now I was there to get look at upgrading my lights. I have a 30gal tank, ~20 pounds LR. Currently I have 45 watts over it :( . But Im upgrading to a 2x65watt PC set up. Will that be sufficent for these guys?
What type of things do I need to add besides calcium? How would I go about adding things with no sump or drip system or anything.Any info would be appreciated!!
Oh is $16.00 a good price??? hehe
The stores around heredont have MH for thatcheap of a cost. The only Mh I could really find was 399. Which I dont have. The PC is only gonna cost 199, and it comes with bulbs,the cover,reflectors,and a fan. Are you saying I need close to 6(~5.83) watts per gallon instead of 4(4.33)?? Plus the PC can be placed on the glass to pI have, the Mh would need to be hung or I would have to make a hood, which menas more money. And I have 19ft ceilings so hanging them is outta the question.
Err many typos in there, sorry. Forgot to read over(watching superbowl) its suppose to be 10foot, not 19! lol!
I don't think 2X65 watt PC's is gunna cut it. Get Daniel Knop's book on clams before you buy one. This will help you out with it. If I were you, I would get atleast a 175 watt MH on that tank for a derasa. If you are going for a maxima or crocea, I would suggest even more. For my 30 gallon I am getting either 4X95 watt VHO bulbs or a 250 watt MH supplemented by two 55 watt actinic PC's. I don't want a derasa though-I want a maxima or crocea and SPS. I would mail order the MH if I were you. One good place is http://www.premiumaquatics.com and also http://www.marinedepot.com. HTH!
Is it necessary that they need 175watts? Whats wrong with 130watts? Everything I've read says that they can live with Florescents,VHO,Power and MH. They say if you have MH to place them in a shady spot. Whats wrong with PC's?????
I dont have $400.00 for MH either
you can get it WAY cheaper

watts per gallon is a BAD way to figger out how much youw ant or need

its PAR baby, PAR

the more lights that gets down tot he bottom of the tank is better.

a 175W system will penetrate all the way down, and have least loss compared a power compact system.

check out http://www.acropora.com for DIY kits they're rather cheap

also mail order the bulbs

the bulbs last longer, thus less replacements

your clam will like you.
So if i get the ballast. Then I also need to by bulbs correct? Which can be pricy. ~119?? Also I would need fans and a hood? And would it be able to be placed directly on the glass hood or do I need to build a canopy for it?
I think a derasa might be okay under that light if it is close to the lights. Better to have more light to have more flexibility and the clam will thrive better. It is more natural to have the derasa on the sand, and to do that you'll probably need an MH light. Look into buying a retro kit and build your own hood, it might save you some money.