T5 Fixture

dustin Combs

In Memoriam
Is a Tek fixture? If it is the center bulbs are run on then same ballast. Did you get it local? If it isn't too old I would take it back or If bought online I would contact supplier. Sorry for your lighting troubles!


New member
it could be the salt on the contacts on the lights i just went thru that, i had bought mine locally..they were cleaned an repaired.. i bought a plastic cover for them..for the evaporation..they work fine now..i hope its not your balast...


Travis L. Stevens

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It is either one of the bulbs are out, or the ballast itself. First, I would switch out your two working lights for the two that aren't working, and fire it up. If the working bulbs light up, it's one of the two bulbs that have gone out. If it doesn't light up, give it a good, thurough cleaning and try again. If it still doesn't light up, it is the ballast.