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I was think of adding a school of baby yellow tangs to my 180 gallon and was wondering how long it would take them to grow. I think a school of small ones would be okay, but once they get too big it probably wouldn't be adequate and trade them off. What time frame would I big looking at if I bought them say 1.5" which is probably the smallest they're offered.


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A long time... I had three purple tangs, a yellow and one regal tang in my 180 and I had them up till I down graded to my 125. They will be fine. I had my tangs for almost ten years and if it wasn't for having to move and needing a smaller tank I would still have them. They were too big for a 125. I sold them I think when I bought the purple tangs they cost less then what a yellow tang cost today.
They would line up and eat out of my hand, they were cool.

You can get five small yellow tangs if you want that much yellow in your tank.

Make sure you feed them every day and keep them fat.
I feed mine twice a day a full clip of those algae strips. I had to do a water change a month.
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