tank moving


I will be moving from Tampa to Bradenton,Fl. in about 2 weeks. Those who do not know that's about an hour drive. Any help would be appreciated. I've never moved a tank before and I have a 30 gallon fresh and a 46 gallon salt (fish only with about 40lbs. of rock).


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Try to save a much of the saltwater into a 5 gal container as much as possible, ( if you can get saltwater local, then you don't need to save ), put all the liverock into a large container, then put alot of newspaper on top, wet the newspaper with saltwater from the tank.
fish put them all in another bucket filled with 1/2 saltwater. Use battery air pumps or possible power head for circulation.

Fresh water is easy, just put them all in a bucket, possible air pump.

you can get an battery air pump or a car converter for a few power heads.


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I bought my tank from a guy and it was already established. I had a friend help me and we used new garbage cans to hold all the water in the tank. We put all the LR in one can and pumped tank water in with it. The rest of the tank water was pumped into the remaining cans. All the fish and corals were put into a large Rubbermaid container with tank water. I left the sand in the tank and enough water to keep it covered. After the hour and a half drive home, we just reversed the process. It worked like a charm and I didn't loose a single specimen. Good luck with your move.


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I actually move tanks for people (not in your area) and find that it's best to actually bag all the fish, coral, and inverts and then put them in a styrofoam box to keep the temperature constant. They tend to slosh around a lot if you keep them in buckets while you're driving. I also like to siphon the sand out of the tank using a large siphon tube; its much easier than scooping it out.