Tank of the Month - July 2002

Wow what a nice change from the massive, sps dominated tanks that usually get the honor of Tank of the Month. Beautiful little 20 gallon tank Cameron. Very clean setup.

I noticed you mentioned having 3 S. magnificas. The fact that you have 3 in a 20g means you love them as much as me. :) I was wondering how long they have been in your tank. Coincidentally, I had 3 myself in my first reef tank some 10 years ago. None made it to the one year mark sadly, although one almost did (it survived 10-11 months if I remember correctly).

Anyway, congratulations!! And again, great job, and beautiful tank.
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that is great physh1 !!! a nano gets the tank of the month, that rocks (just hope no flames from big sps tanks or anyone start, doubt they will though)!! tank looks great and was very well thought out.

congrats and hope to see you around in the nano forum :D
great little tank

great little tank

i am glad to see a non sps tank get this too, i have both types and like them equally both sps and softies. but i love to see some nice soft and mixed reefs as tank of the month,
nice tank
raven 2002
One day I just thought I'd send in a photo with some info and next I knew It was tank of the month. I never thought I could compete with those big guys. Anyways, thanks for the confidence. This tank has been nothing but fun getting setup and running.

The 3 Mangnificas have been in there for around a year now. They have done well and have filled in there space nicely.

:thumbsup: Very Nice!

It is about time we have a TOTM that isn't dream for many of the fellow reefers out there. Including myself :wave:

Your system is proof. That keeping a reef tank can be a breeze. All it takes is good planning,a lot of research and a good maintenance program!

Isn't great! When you finally find the systems sweet spot :cool:

My largest endeavor(125 SPS system) hit it's zenith after the 2 year mark. Only to destroy it's self...Those tiny snails can be a BAD thing...:(

Congrats' Dude! Grow that tank, solid reef!
Congratulations Physh1. I'm thrilled to see a smaller tank in the TOTM category again. Gives us other little tank guys hope that we will be there someday.

Beautiful tank.

Thanks guys. I am happy too that I could compete. It was a lot of fun getting that tank together and doing something that was a little different. I was telling Skipper that I felt like a proud father.....:D

Where do you get your float switch

Where do you get your float switch


I am looking for a float switch like the one you're using. Where didi you get yours? Can you desribe in detail how you install yours. Thanks in adance
Wow maybe all the complaining worked. Its nice to see this guy get his just dues , Nice Tank . Your work and time really shows.
stealyourhouse -

i've got around 40 pounds of Live Sand in there and around 30-35 pounds of Manano Live Rock....very purple stuff....

Nice Tank! Like everyone said, SPS tanks are great, but it is nice to see something different with a mixture of softies win!



I'm totally inspired with your work and the obvious devotion you placed on the creation of your tank. My wife said that the size of your tank would best suit our place and that It would be a great project for me to work on. And besides I'm on a tight budget as well.

I'll try and email you with some questions if you don't mind about your setup. It will take me awhile before I can get started but with your setup it seems very possible.