Tank setup for O. mercatoris


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It's been a while since I've been here. I had a bimac last year that committed suicide after 3 months :( :( so I was a little discouraged with keeping octos until I could give the best possible conditions.

I want to keep an O. mercatoris in a 10 gallon tank, and here's the setup I envision: 1/4 of the tank will be divided by acrylic. The overflow will be through a bulkhead with a screen. The filtration will be LR, LS and a Red Sea Classic Skimmer. I'm curious as to just how much mercatoris likes to escape, compared to other octos? Will he try to slip through the bulkhead? How do people usually plumb overflows and prevent the octo squeezing through? I'm not worried about my top because it will be screwed down and bullet proof, but if the octo gets to the sump he'll be able to escape.
Thanks, Matt
O mercatoris is a hardy little octopus. It is more prone to escape than O.bimaculoides. I use wedding vail screen wrapped aroung my bulkheads for little guys. I use a rubberband or tie wrap to hold it in place.
I raised one from egg about qa year ago and when it was a adult, it lived in a 30 gallon with open top and had no problem with it staying in the tank. I think good water quality is important to keeeping octos mind off of finding a new home. I would use a red light for night viewing. This species is nocturnal and seldom seen till a hour after dark. You can purchase a merc from tampa bay salt water.
The little guys are doing good. I have about 20 or so. All babies all have been batch reared. Out of all that hatched, only about 4 of them didn't make it. Its been a lot of work but well worth it and I learned a ton this time around so next batch will go even better.