Tank Weight In a TownHouse Question


Zoanthid/SPS Killer
My Fiancee and I live in a townhouse. Has anyone ever run into weight problems putting a 90g with LR, Sand, MH Ballasts, and a Refugium onto a floor like this? There is a unit below us, and the floor is carpeted with padding underneath. I have a 38g with no problems, and its not weak or creaky or anything, I just want to make sure we don't have a hole one morning (a la Money Pit!) when we wake up. Thanks!
Thats "only" about 1100 pounds-most floors can take that easily. Just put in against a load bearing wall, and you'll be fine.
Cut an outline in your ceiling the exact size of your tank directly above where your tank sits, and tie a string to it, then when your tank goes through the floor, pull the string & bring down your ceiling, then when the landlord gets there you just say it came straight through from the apartment above you ...........